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The History Of ICAEW & Its Impact On The Accounting Industry

The History Of ICAEW & Its Impact On The Accounting Industry

Founded in 1880, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) was incorporated by Royal Charter and created to raise the standards, and improve the professional standing of accountants within our network. 142 years later ICAEW still holds those ideals, even as the organisation has grown to over 195,300 members and students the world over.

Since its beginnings in the 19th century,  ICAEW has had a proud history of serving the ever-increasing needs of both the public and private sector, while also promoting inclusivity, diversity, and fairness. In 1920, ICAEW admitted the first female chartered accountant in the world. And in the 100 years since, it continues to be a force of positive change around the globe.

Through two world wars, several recessions, periods of economic growth and slumps, ICAEW has always strived to do better and adapt to a demanding landscape that’s constantly changing. A commitment to upholding high professional standards, and our global network that spans 190 countries, has led to ICAEW having a direct and longstanding impact on the accounting industry as a whole.

ICAEW Chartered Accountant Qualification

For employers looking to hire only the best, the ICAEW Chartered Accountant Qualification, the ACA, is a mark of quality that allows them to find the right candidates to elevate their business. Highly valued, more than 6,000 employers worldwide are currently training students in getting their ACA.

For aspiring chartered accountants, ICAEW ACA qualifications provides you with a professionally recognisable way to stand out from the crowd, and puts you in a position to command a higher salary throughout your career.

Fresh graduates and early career builders are the lifeblood of our industry. Ensuring a steady pipeline of new accountants and other finance professionals is key to ICAEW’s continuity and supporting businesses globally to reach new heights. The ICAEW Careers + hub provides professional development, career advice, and helps potential employees understand the key skills that employers are looking for. With content developed by the network of ICAEW students and employers, the Careers+ hub has resources that can help kickstart your career, and put you on the path to becoming a chartered accountant.

ICAEW Singapore early career builders

For those who may not have any formal academic qualifications, ICAEW seeks to empower them with the ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB). A practical business credential, the ICAEW CFAB qualification is open to anyone who wants to increase their business skills, improve their career options, or are looking at becoming entrepreneurs. The flexible programme can be done at any point in your life and equips you with the knowledge and tools to succeed in business.

Once you’ve completed the ICAEW CFAB, your journey doesn’t have to end there. For the enterprising, you can build on what you’ve already learnt and achieved with the CFAB by applying for the ICAEW Finance Professional (BFP) designation.

Not only is the BFP an internationally recognised designation, it also provides professionals with management resources and ICAEW support. The BFP letters signify to potential employers that you have the requisite skills and competencies as well as a commitment to high ethical and technical standards.

Nearly a century and a half since ICAEW’s founding, the bar has been set for international accounting standards, breaking new ground in sustained competence and excellence. Growing from strength to strength, ICAEW is a global organisation that seeks to empower members and give them the resources they need to go further. With a storied past, marked by significant milestone achievements, ICAEW Singapore is always looking at tomorrow to build a better future for all.

Interested in pursuing a career path as a chartered accountant and obtaining your accounting certification? Contact ICAEW today to find out more about how you can begin your journey.