Hear what ICAEW Students and Graduates have to say about their journey, and why ICAEW Authorised Training Employers (ATE) prefer to recruit and train ICAEW students worldwide.

“Entering the second year of my journey to be a Chartered Accountant, I have to say I have experienced peaks and valleys. Juggling between work and study has not been easy and sacrifices had to be made. However with the dynamic and competitive Accounting & Finance field that we are in, comprehensive technical knowledge and practical problem-solving skills are vital. I realised that what I learned through ICAEW is particularly relevant in my career and grants me the edge among my peers. In addition, ICAEW has benefitted in my personal development as to displaying professional behaviour in the industry.

Till date I am still grateful for making that first step to take the ride. I believe in the myriad of opportunities ICAEW professional qualification can offer and am excited on what’s to come.”

– Kimberley Liauw, ICAEW ACA Student

“When it comes to accountancy, business or finance, ICAEW is one of the world’s most respected and internationally recognized professional qualifications. This is the course to take if you are looking for a professional qualification. ICAEW has helped me to embark on a career in accounting and guided me with strong fundamentals that could be used to build further knowledge and insights in the business and commercial world. One thing I truly value is how ICAEW keeps themselves up-to-date and relevant in today’s business world. I also appreciate the strong supportive network in ICAEW which has helped me through this life-changing journey. To anyone who is considering accountancy/business/finance as their career choice, I strongly recommend ICAEW. ”

– Zoe Yeoh, ICAEW ACA Student

“I started taking ICAEW papers when I was in Year 2 when I was still studying in NTU. Taking ICAEW was an obvious choice for me as it was the only CA body that allow its students to take their papers without being in the workforce. I was able to embark on my journey as a Chartered Accountant earlier than the rest of my peers, and at the same time, concurrently studying similar modules in NTU. I love the idea of how I am able to frontload my ICAEW papers early as they are complementary to the modules I took in NTU. When I am faced with a concept that I don’t understand, I can easily reach out to my professors in school for assistance. Will it be an extra burden to clear one more paper? No. In fact, I feel that it actually aid me more by helping me aced school examinations at the same time.

Taking ICAEW also open new opportunities around me as I am able to add an extra edge in my CV to show that I have a certain technical skillset which is deemed valuable from the employer’s point of view.

On a more personal level, when I transit from being a student to working life, I am even more appreciative of the fact that I cleared my papers early as I can better concentrate on my work rather than having to study on top of the long hours of OTs.”

– Soo Jianhao, ICAEW Chartered Accountant / ACA Graduate

“The rigorous ACA training that I underwent accurately simulated the demanding environment that my current role entails. The invaluable programme equipped me with the necessary critical thinking skills, discipline and perseverance to push through any challenges that come my way and has placed me ahead of my peers, allowing me to formulate sound and cogent financial advice.

The most exciting part of my job is being able to travel and work in different countries, such as Indonesia and Singapore. Not only have I assumed roles in unfamiliar and challenging environments, I’ve also been fortunate to immerse myself in new and vibrant cultures around the region.”

– Beldon Chia, ICAEW Chartered Accountant / ACA Graduate

“The ACA really helped me to prepare for my current role as an Audit Manager, where I’m responsible for identifying and assessing risks and their potential influences on my clients’ business and financials. In addition, I also play the role of leader, counsellor and partner to my team members; coaching, mentoring and empowering younger Associates to ensure that they are well equipped to play their respective roles on the job.

If there is one word I could use to describe my journey over the last seven years, I would say it has been very fulfilling and that doing the ACA has truly been my stepping stone towards so many opportunities.”

Farah Halijah Halim, ICAEW Chartered Accountant / ACA Graduate

“Right after university, I was considering different qualifications that would help me kick start a career in public accounting. I was particularly interested in the ACA because I liked the holistic approach to the programme. There’s a lot of emphasis on analysis and creative thinking, which demanded that I should look at each situation from different viewpoints.

Each client has a different challenge and it is up to my team and I to help them navigate through those challenges. And when we do, the sense of achievement is truly priceless.”

– Kishan Jasani, ICAEW Chartered Accountant / ACA Graduate

“I was fortunate to be one of the first three A Level students in Kuala Lumpur who attempted the ACA without a bachelor degree, and as a result, I managed to qualify as a Chartered Accountant at the age of 22. I guess you could say I am fortunate to have a pretty exciting job. The thrill of being in the market, and to witness developments taking place in the financial world is quite exhilarating!

Apart from gaining a premier, globally recognised qualification that offers abundant career choices, the ACA has given me a strong foundation in business and finance. On a personal note, it has made me mentally stronger, more confident and helped me mature into the person I am today.”

– Beh Chian Tyng, ICAEW Chartered Accountant / ACA Graduate

“The ACA is one of the most useful and practical professional accounting and finance qualification for those who work in a multi-national environment. The ACA has provided me with strong foundation in both technical knowledge and critical thinking skills when it comes to business analysis. There are more than 80% of CFOs of top corporations in the world who are an ICAEW ACA. This strengthens my belief for a promising career path.”

– Nguyen Kim Hoa, ICAEW Chartered Accountant / ACA Graduate

“ICAEW CFAB plays a critical role to my career success as a finance and accountancy profession. ICAEW ACA equips me with greater skills, knowledge and practical experiences that enhances my career development in the long term.”

– Mai Thi Hong Nhung, Deloitte Vietnam, ICAEW ACA student

“The CFAB qualification gave me a broad and robust perspectives surrounding business and finance and ultimately, provided a proper step up system toward the full ACA qualification. What I really enjoy about being an ICAEW student was the regular student events where I meet with other students. Finding a job will be much easier with ICAEW certification as there are many employers who recognise this certification.”

– Melvin Lim, ICAEW CFAB Student

“Front-loading is a new concept to be efficient in our studies. As an accountant, obtaining the Chartered Accountant title is the peak of all accounting certificates.”

– Jun Jie, ICAEW CFAB Student

“Pursuing the ICAEW qualification is a real challenge to me.  In order to obtain this qualification, I will have to work hard and study smart to pass all the papers. To remain competitive in the marketplace, the accounting and finance profession must demonstrate a high level of expertise and awareness of the reporting and ethical standards introduced by both global and local regulators. The ICAEW qualification prepares the top-level professionals with the knowledge and skills expected in today’s business world, embedding the best practices in financial reporting, taxation, consulting and auditing across the globe.”

– Hannan Haznan, ICAEW CFAB Student

“CFAB helps me to learn a variety of interesting business topics that will be significant to my career progress in the long run. The CFAB certificate will guide the students through ICAEW and it will be one of the greatest pathways for me to achieve the Chartered Accountant title which is the acme of all accounting certificates.”

– Farid Zaini, ICAEW CFAB Student

“For me, CFAB qualification is a unique startup certificate level to obtain Chartered Accountant title as it is an honorable step that could prepare you for the next professional level. It also gives me a great insight of what the business world would be like which helps me a lot in figuring and finding out what I will be doing in the future.”

– Shahmi Shakir, ICAEW CFAB Student

“Having completed the CFAB qualification, I certainly believe that it is one of the most comprehensive and flexible programmes available out there that equips the students with fundamental knowledge in finance, accounting and business. It serves as a good basis for students to continue with ICAEW ACA qualification. Most importantly, it is the qualification that is highly sought after by employers.”

– Siti Nadiah, ICAEW CFAB Student

“To me, ICAEW CFAB is not only a professional certificate programme, but also a partner in my career success. Thanks to ICAEW CFAB, I am shown the full picture of how a business operates, and the important role a finance and accountancy profession play in a business. ICAEW is just like my career guide, providing everything I need for my career success.”

– Pham Van Bach, EY Vietnam, ICAEW ACA student

“Pursuing such prestigious and internationally recognized qualification like the ICAEW CFAB and ACA will help me to build a solid foundation for a successful professional life. This provided me a strong support in achieving my career goals.”

– Nguyen Thu Trang, PwC Vietnam, ICAEW CFAB student

“The ACA is an attractive offering because it has a comprehensive learning programme which is delivered through flexible modules allowing trainees to balance their work and studies. It also provides an alternative route in to the profession which helps to contribute to our diverse workforce.”

– Ms Seah Gek Choo, Talent Partner, Deloitte , Singapore

“We are always in the hunt for people who have excellent communication skills. The ability to understand our client’s needs is something that is very valuable to us. When a person can connect well with a client, half the battle has already been won.”

– Megat Iskandar Shah, Financial Services Partner, EY, Malaysia

“Hard and soft qualities are both equally important. Solid financial acumen, communication skills, professionalism, reliability, time management skills, multi-tasking abilities and problem-solving skills are just a few of the qualities that we use to evaluate our candidates.”

– Ahmad Tifli Mohd Talha, Group Chief Financial Officer, Felda Global Ventures Holding Berhad, Malaysia

“Academic excellence is not enough. At PwC, we expect you to lead yourself and others to deliver results in a responsible manner, play an active role in your own development, work well in a diverse team, take an interest in how businesses work beyond your own geographic and cultural boundaries, and take pride in producing work of high quality. You should be a graduate who is resilient yet agile in adapting to different conditions. These are the traits which are essential in the rapidly changing world and prepares you for the working world of the future.”

– Patric Ng, Partner, PwC, Malaysia

“One of Deloitte Vietnam’s main focus is to invest in talent development to achieve our objective of sustainable development. We highly value candidates who possess internationally recognised qualifications such as ICAEW ACA and ICAEW CFAB due to the fact that they have not only a solid background knowledge but also sound skills set that help them perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Besides, their English skill, which I highly value, also sets them apart from their peers.”

– Trang Tran, HR Director, Deloitte Vietnam