ICAEW Student Scheme (USS)


What is USS?

The ICAEW Student Scheme (USS) is an online toolkit designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve your career goals.

It’s a competitive world out there. With many employers receiving hundreds of applications for every vacancy, you need to be able to demonstrate that there’s more to you than just the course that you’re studying. It’s important that you make the most of your time as a student and do what you can to become a real stand-out candidate.

Whatever you decide to do next, realise your ambitions with USS.

How can USS help?

Make sure you’re work ready

There are practical webinars, blogs and workbooks to help you identify the skills that employers look for, how to boost those skills and then how to describe them for that winning CV or job application.

Gain new skills to add to your CV

Find out what your Excel IQ is and learn how to boost it with our Microsoft Excel online training programme. With more than 30 modules for you to choose from, you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest. Work your way through video tutorials, complete regular progress tests and you'll become a pro in no time. Plus, you’ll get a certificate to prove it.

Keep up to date

You’ll receive regular e-newsletters from us with the latest job vacancies, business news and study tips. What’s more, you can sign up to receive monthly e-updates from one of our eight faculties, so you can stay in touch with the latest news and trends in the industries that interest you.

Build your network

Join over 30,000 ICAEW students on our online student community. Ask a question, share revision stories and swap exam tips with other students around the world.

Discover new resources

USS gives you access to a whole host of online resources. Why not use the ICAEW Library to research your latest assignment, revise for exams or even prepare for those all-important interviews?

Gain an extra qualification

The ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (ICAEW CFAB) is internationally recognised and designed to give you essential knowledge in business, finance and accounting.

ICAEW CFAB makes up the first six modules of our ACA qualification, so it’s a great stepping stone to a career in chartered accountancy. If you haven’t quite decided what you want to do yet, ICAEW CFAB can help you gain a better understanding of the business world – who knows, you might have ambitions to start your own business one day.

ICAEW CFAB at a glance

For more information about what you’ll learn, please visit icaew.com/cfab

Go At Your Own Pace

As a USS student, you’ll have the opportunity to complete ICAEW CFAB at a discounted rate and gain an extra certificate-level qualification to put on your CV.

Whether you choose to complete all six modules or just a few is completely up to you. The exams can be taken in any order at any time, so you can go at your own pace. What’s more, for every exam you pass, you’ll receive a certificate to show for it.

If you’re already studying for a related qualification, you may be eligible to apply for credit for up to five of the ICAEW CFAB modules. This means that you could be able to sit fewer exams and achieve ICAEW CFAB quicker than you think. Find out more at icaew.com/cpl

What Are Employers Looking For In New Recruits?

We asked some of our employers the million dollar question: what do you look for when recruiting? Here’s what they had to say:

"We want people who have a strong career drive, who are willing to work flexibly in teams and are committed to continuous development."
- Evgenios Evgeniou, CEO and Senior Partner at PwC, Cyprus

"I have learned to appreciate people who are eager to understand the business. As a boss I really value those who ask questions and those who challenge the system."
- Aliki Whitworth, Former Finance Director at Yahoo, Switzerland

"People who are good communicators, flexible, adaptable to changing circumstances and have a real passion for continuous learning."
-Austin Rudman, KPMG UAE and Oman

USS can help you build and demonstrate these skills

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