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Soar to greater heights
with the ICAEW CFAB

Broaden your horizon and open the doors to global
opportunities with the ICAEW CFAB qualification.

ICAEW, we get you there.

Soar to greater heights
with the ICAEW CFAB

Broaden your horizon and open the doors to global
opportunities with the ICAEW CFAB qualification.

ICAEW, we get you there.


ICAEW CFAB is a certificate that provides you with essential knowledge in finance, accounting and business, and is recognised by organisations all over the world.

It is open to everyone and it is flexible around your current schedule. 

The exams can be taken in any order at many exam centres around the world.

Upon completion, you will receive your ICAEW CFAB qualification certificate. It will give you an impressive-looking CV and show employers you have the job-essential skills they are looking for. It can help increase the roles you can apply for. It also provides skills that are invaluable for any start-up business.

If you have previously or are currently studying a relevant qualification you could be eligible for exam exemptions for some of the ICAEW CFAB exams. This means you may not have to sit all of the exams to gain the qualification.


Having a good understanding of business, finance and accounting is highly valued in almost any role in any organisation around the world. The ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (ICAEW CFAB) teaches practical skills and knowledge including:
  • Understanding of the key elements of finance, accounting and business,
  • Understanding of the wider business issues,
  • Helping individuals talk the language of finance,
  • Appreciating the main factors linked to business success or failure,
  • Understanding of the key decisions that businesses and management teams have to make on a day-to-day basis,
  • How to monitor business risk and evaluate business performance, and
  • Providing the skills to help individuals write a business plan, prepare their own personal tax statements and manage their finances more confidently.

At a glance

Entry requirements

No formal academic qualifications needed. Students, fresh graduates and career-changers are welcome to take up this certificate.

Achievable in
12 months

Learn at your own pace and complete the 6 exams within a year, or take as long as you need. The choice is yours.

Registration fee

+VAT where applicable

Learning materials

per subject

Tuition fees

Prices vary according to tuition provider and chosen study option

Exam fees

per exam attempt


Can be done in any order and at any time of the year, at an ICAEW approved test centre

Study options

Choose from various methods of learning that best suits your schedule and budget:


Face-to-face learning with experienced tutors allows you to ask questions and network with your peers. There are a number of approved tuition providers for you to choose from and learning materials are normally included in your course fee.


Delivered online through live and recorded tuition sessions, online learning uses online materials and resources that can be accessed anywhere in the world. A number of tuition providers offer this option.


This study route allows you to study on your own. This means you can study from the comfort of your home or when you’re on your commute. You can study the the course material in your own time to fit your studies around other commitments. You will need to purchase the learning materials for your exams.

How is ICAEW CFAB structured?

ICAEW CFAB consists of six modules. Each one focuses on a key aspect of finance, business or accounting, giving you practical insights and knowledge that will help you in your career.

The six exams which are the first six modules of the ACA qualification cover:

  • Accounting
  • Assurance
  • Business, Technology and Finance
  • Law
  • Management Information
  • Principles of Taxation

The exams are computer-based and taken at one of our approved test centres. This means that you can take your exams at any time of the year (subject to centre availability). As you pass each module, ICAEW will send you a certificate of achievement. Once you have completed all six modules, you will receive your final ICAEW CFAB qualification certificate.

Exam exemptions or credit for prior learning (CPL) is available if:

You are studying for, or already hold a recognised university degree that contains components in business, finance, accounting or law, or you are studying for, or already hold a relevant professional accountancy qualification (eg, CPA, ACCA etc).

If you are eligible for exam exemptions at the ICAEW CFAB, it could mean that you just need to study for and sit a few of the exams to gain the ICAEW CFAB qualification. Find out more on the CPL directory: https://apps.icaew.com/cpldirectory

What can I do next?

After completing ICAEW CFAB you have a number of options available to you.
You can complete additional requirements to secure ICAEW Business and Finance Professional (BFP) status.

You can also register to study the ACA and complete the remaining nine ACA exams and additional requirements to qualify as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.

How do you become a BFP?

Find your route

Becoming an ICAEW Chartered Accountant has never been more accessible. Options to complete elements of the ACA qualification include: ICAEW apprenticeships, undergraduate degrees, postgraduate qualifications, ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business and joint programmes with other professional bodies.

Finding an employer

To complete the ACA you must complete 450 days of work experience at an ICAEW authorised training employer (ATE). There are c5000 ATEs offering ACA training agreements, includiang accountancy firms of all sizes, private businesses and public sector organisations.

Register as a student

To start the ACA qualification you must register with ICAEW as a student. The majority of students do this once they have secured a training agreement, but it is also possible to register and begin studying the ACA before you have found an employer. Learn more about the registration process.

Apply for credit for prior learning

Those who have already completed a qualification in accountancy, business or finance, might be entitled to exemptions from one or more of the ACA modules. A full list of eligible qualifications and information on how to apply for credits is available on our CPL directory.

Complete the four elements of the ACA

To successfully achieve the ACA qualification you must demonstrate that you have: completed 450 days of work experience at an ATE; passed 15 exam modules; undertaken professional development; and have advanced your ethical understanding and professional scepticism.

I developed my interest in accountancy and numbers since young. My mother works in the field and she would always share her experiences, challenges and successes at work with me, and that inspired me to do what she does.

Winning the world prize was never on my mind. All I thought of was doing the best I can. I’ve always believed that when you work hard, you will be luckier.

– Ng Yi Sze, Sunway TES Centre for Accountancy Excellence

The ICAEW approved tuition providers
in South-East Asia

There are many ICAEW approved tuition providers located in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam to provide tuition and study support to our students. To locate a tuition centre in a city nearest to you, click here


Find out how the ICAEW Certificate in Finance Accounting and Business (CFAB) has helped our students and graduates boost their CV and open doors to career opportunities.