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How ICAEW CFAB helps you future proof a career in Business, Accountancy & Finance

Join this free webinar on employability and embark on a global career path

During this employability webinar, you will discover:

How ICAEW CFAB will enhance your employability as an accountancy and finance professional that companies are looking to hire. Fast-track your career and open doors to global opportunities.

Why passing the ICAEW CFAB exams is achievable when you follow our study tips. With ICAEW’s support, you’re never alone in this professional qualification journey.

How juggling the ICAEW CFAB exams and your work/ school is easier than you think. Find out how your peers achieved high pass rates despite their busy schedules and how you can do it too.

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This Webinar Is Proudly Presented To You By...

ICAEW stands for The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and we are a world-leading professional membership body. We were created by a Royal Charter in 1880 and have been at the heart of the accountancy profession ever since, ensuring people can trust in business.

There are 30,000 students currently training for the ACA with 6,000 authorised employers aiming to join our growing membership which currently stands at 156,00 members in 149 different countries globally.

Regardless of where you train, or where your career takes you globally once qualified, your ACA qualification will ensure you are respected as a business professional.

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