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How a Chartered Accountant went from working for a Big Four firm to owning a beer company

Read on to see how aspiring accountants like you can open doors to infinite options!

Dear aspiring business professional,

There are so many opportunities for chartered accountants.

Take Karan Bilimoria for example.

He was a chartered accountant of ICAEW, but now he is the founder of a successful beer company in Britain.

He received his accountancy training at Ernst & Young.

While the Big Four accounting firm offered an all-rounded internal training, Karan realised that he wasn't going to be an accountant for the rest of his life.

He thought, “Well, what I really want to do is run my own business”.

Karan experienced his first taste of entrepreneurialism while on a polo tour in India.

The polo-stick makers there got him interested in becoming a distributor, so Karan bought the samples and, before he knew it, he was selling polo sticks to department stores in England.

Soon after that, he had this vision of bringing his own Indian beer to England.

This led Karan to develop his own unique brand of bottled beer, a “less gassy, more classy curryholics' beer”.

He soon established his brand as the beer of choice for the British palate.

And he credits all of his success to his early accountancy qualification:

How you can equip yourself as a holistic Chartered Accountant and enjoy flexibility in future career options

If you don’t want the standard menu of options of a typical young accountant where you’re funneled into endlessly long work days after graduating from university,

And if your idea of bringing value to the organisation is beyond crunching numbers all day long ,

Getting a professional accountancy qualification like Karan did is always a good way to secure your professional standing, make your CV look attractive, and open doors to infinite career options.

But get this:

Not all professional accountancy qualifications are created equal.

You need to look for a qualification that provides holistic training - one that not only gives you all the necessary knowledge for you to thrive in the accounting and financial industry, but also builds your professional development and critical thinking.

That’s exactly what you’ll discover in this webinar:

Introducing the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Education Webinar:
“Experience the Unexpected”

A deeper insight into what ICAEW is all about

How exactly ICAEW can help you stay as an in-demand accountant and open a wide array of career opportunities

How ICAEW trains your strategic thinking skill and business acumen capability

ICAEW allows you to become as familiar as possible with advanced accounting knowledge such as financial forecasting and analytics, to help you to evaluate financial information, spot discrepancies, and solve problems with critical thinking

But many young accountants have this misconception:

“Professional accountancy qualification like the ICAEW ACA is only for people who want to operate in the accountancy industry.”

That’s far from the truth.

The ICAEW ACA also lets you gain in-depth knowledge in business, develop essential skills needed in running a business, and train your analytical thinking.

It's a globally recognised qualification that gives you career mobility

With the ICAEW ACA, you can enjoy flexibility in your future career options!

You can become a financial planner, risk manager, or even start your own business (just like Karan did).

You might be thinking, “Well, there are other professional qualifications too”.

Again, not all professional qualifications are created equal.

ICAEW is one of the world’s leading professional membership bodies, known for its high qualification standards.

In Singapore, ICAEW and the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Reciprocal Membership Agreement for Chartered Accountants in Singapore. Without having to fulfil additional professional or educational requirements, an ICAEW member can apply for an ISCA membership and be conferred the CA (Singapore) designation, which is recognised as a mark of professional excellence and a pre-requisite to be a public accountant in Singapore.

This is an important milestone for YOU as you’ll be cementing your brand as a professional accountant! This will give you an edge over other young professionals and help you stand out in the crowd.

That’s exactly what you’ll discover in this webinar:

A deeper insight into what ICAEW is all about

How exactly ICAEW can help you stay as an in-demand accountant and open a wide array of career opportunities

How ICAEW trains your strategic thinking skill and business acumen capability

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This Webinar Is Proudly Presented To You By...

ICAEW stands for The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and we are a world-leading professional membership body. We were created by a Royal Charter in 1880 and have been at the heart of the accountancy profession ever since, ensuring people can trust in business.

There are 30,000 students currently training for the ACA with 6,000 authorised employers aiming to join our growing membership which currently stands at 154,500 members in 149 different countries globally.

Regardless of where you train, or where your career takes you globally once qualified, your ACA qualification will ensure you are respected as a business professional.

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