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5 Good Reasons To Obtain An Accounting Certification

having accounting certifications grants multiple career benefits

In a skill-based economy, educational and professional certifications offer vast advantages for employment, career growth, and salary increments. They’re an indication that an individual is qualified, has the requisite expertise to perform a job function well, and is able to value-add to an organisation.

Accounting certifications are unique in the sense that they are relevant to almost every industry. All businesses are required at some point to track their finances to chart their growth and losses, and for tax purposes. Thus, getting certified as a chartered accountant bestows several benefits and provides you with wide and varied opportunities in your career.

1. Increase Chances Of Getting Hired

Off the bat, an accounting certification makes a candidate more appealing to prospective employers. In a field where professional recognition is key, getting an accounting certification makes you stand out against regular accountants who may not have the same credentials.

To save time on hiring processes, some companies might automate their systems to accept only applicants who have the skill sets they require for the position. Having the right certifications ensure that you pass through the first layer of checks and makes you that much more employable.

2. Higher Salary

There’s a reason accounting certifications are so sought after, and much of it comes down to better earning potential. Chartered accountants often earn more than regular accountants on average and continue to do so throughout their careers.

This is because accounting certifications allow you to perform additional, specialised services for businesses which naturally commands a higher salary. Companies will even sponsor their employees to obtain such certifications, showing the high regard businesses have for such career development.

having chartered accountants increases credibility

3. Professional Credibility

Obtaining accounting certifications boosts credibility for both you and your firm. As an independent accountant, it signifies that a globally-renowned body has deemed that you have the necessary know-how to execute your accounting duties at the highest levels. Clients are more likely to trust you and engage your services as a result.

For firms, having a chartered accountant in their employ comes with an increase in reputation and enhances their trustworthiness. These are crucial elements in competitive business spheres, where any professional edge could mean a long-term increase in profits.

4. Increase job security

With the emphasis on lifelong career development, people across all industries should possess a desire to improve their skills and expertise. Companies are always looking to hire top-tier talent, and if you do not have industry-leading certifications, you could be falling by the wayside.

Obtaining the right accounting certifications ensures that you will always be considered a viable candidate for employment. Whether in your current position or in a new one, you can rest assured that job security isn’t something to stress over.

having accounting certifications offers international job opportunities

5. International Job Opportunities

As mentioned before, every industry relies on accountants for their financial well-being. This opens up a unique plethora of opportunities for accountants to work beyond the borders of their home countries.

However, hiring an accountant for an overseas position represents a significant investment for companies and they are likely to hire the best in the business. If you possess the right certifications, you have an edge over candidates who don’t, and will always be preferred for international job postings.

Accounting is a field that is very much about professional accreditation. Without the right qualifications, there is a ceiling to your employability, potential salary, and career growth. It’s with this understanding that international accounting bodies have made it accessible for accountants to obtain the certifications they need to boost their careers and improve their skills.

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